Allognathus is a genus endemic to the Balearic Islands. It is present in all the main islands of the archipelago and also in several small islets. The genus is composed by two subgenera Allognathus s. str and Iberellus.

Iberellus balearicus_2Iberellus minoricensisThe subgenus Allognathus is monotypic, but the systematic of the subgenus Iberellus is full of controversy. At least 7 taxa have been described withinIberellus based on its shell morphology and its isolated distribution. However, for other authors, the absence of variability in the reproductive system would be enough to include all taxa in only one species.

By using molecular tools, our aim is to propose a correct systematic for the genera and we will try to explain the colonization process which has lead to the actual distribution in the archipelago.

Allognathus shells corresponding to all described taxa for the genus